Eric Brown is an exceptional trainer, and massage therapist, that I would highly recommend to anyone. From helping me gain the confidence and strength to run my first 5k to keeping me motivated to stay in shape for my wedding to guiding me through the challenges of working out during a pregnancy, as my personal trainer, Eric was there for me every step of the way. He not only was a positive motivator but went above and beyond to make sure that I succeeded in every goal I set for myself. He ran along side me at my first 5k, designed special workouts for me to follow when I was out of town, and adapted my workouts due to pregnancy.  As for Eric's talents and abilities as a massage therapist, speaking from first hand experience, Eric should be your go to person whether your massage needs call for a relaxing Swedish massage; a sports massage after a long workout, or a prenatal massage.  As a personal trainer or a massage therapist, Eric is extremely professional in his work and concentrates on ensuring that you, as the client, are satisfied and well taken care of.   If you are looking for someone that will be personally dedicated to your well being and fitness goals, you should look no further. 

Madison W.


Eric Brown is an amazing sports massage therapist and trainer!  He has been my personal trainer for over 15 years and after receiving his massage therapist license, he is the only sports massage therapist I will use!  As a fitness trainer, Eric is thorough and listens to your concerns and goals and then works with you on reaching your goals.  As a massage therapist he finds problem areas and helps to alleviate those problem areas.  Eric has helped me with several past running injuries.  I highly recommend Eric for all of your sports fitness and massage needs!

Karen O.



I contacted Eric at "Massage Fitness" to get help with some shoulder pain I had been experiencing over several months.  After only a few sessions I was thrilled to feel relief in the shoulder and have it feeling far more loose and relaxed.  Eric also provided me with exercises to help strengthen my shoulder.  What I enjoy most about working with Eric is his professionalism and personality, which creates a calm and comfortable environment. His massage techniques far surpassed my expectations.
Janine T.

I have always been fairly committed to working out and staying in shape. So I wasn’t sure how much a trainer could benefit me when I started working with Eric in 1996. I quickly found out, however, that Eric dramatically increased my results. Eric does an unbelievable job in mixing up the routines to develop strength, balance and range of motion. Plus, he has a gift for challenging me in a way that motivates me to excel. The past 20 years with Eric have been critical in helping me maintain my vitality and energy as I reach my late 60’s. Perhaps more importantly, Eric’s knowledge of golf specific exercise is helping me to maintain (if not increase) power and distance and to achieve the lowest handicap of my life.
Alec B.