Benefits of Exercise

Frequent or unrelenting daily stress can damage your body, ultimately leading to chronic discomfort or pain.  Stress is a contributing factor in most diseases, illness’ and many chronic pain symptoms.   Exercise and massage can address these issues.  Exercise and massage provide many overlapping benefits, making exercise and massage a perfect combination for a healthier and fitter lifestyle.  The following benefits of regular exercise are only a small handful of the many benefits which exercise has to offer:

  •      Reduces daily stress
  •      Increases energy and daily performance
  •      Improves mental capabilities and mood
  •     Promotes better sleep
  •     Increases heart health and strengthens the cardiovascular system
  •     Strengthens bones, muscles and joints
  •    Creates a natural defense against many diseases, i.e., type 2 diabetes,      high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, some forms of cancer,       osteoporosis, and arthritis.         
  •    Weight control
  •    Better balance and fall prevention, especially important for older adults
  •    Better quality of life, and in many cases, longer life