Personal Training

Using a certified personal fitness trainer offers one of the most safe and effective methods for reaching one's fitness goals.  A certified personal trainer will make sure you are using proper lifting form and technique at all times, which greatly reduces the chance for injury.  A certified personal trainer can also keep your workouts time efficient and effective by designing workout programs based on your current needs and ability, through a variety of exercises, keeping your workouts fresh and stimulating. A certified personal trainer is a motivator, providing you with motivation to keep to your scheduled workouts; motivation to stay focused on your workouts and your fitness goals; motivation to push yourself just a little bit harder and a little bit further then you would if working out on your own.

Benefits of using a personal trainer:

  • Safer, more effective workouts

  • Motivation to train smarter, and harder

  • Experience and knowledge

  • Fitness testing and recorded records to chart progress

  • Personalized workout programs

  • Variety

Just a few of Massage Fitness' training specialties:

  • General fitness

  • Multi-sport training

  • Golf fitness

  • Balance training

  • Prenatal fitness

  • Stretching

  • Older population training

  • Adolescence training

  • Group exercise training

  • Nutritional advice